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Get to know us

The entire Iannaccone family is your host, welcoming you and ready
at all times to guide and advise you to enjoy your stay.


Eric, Anna, Nicolas, Marie-Lise, Matteo and Ivan


"... Why don’t we want to leave after finishing the evening’s final round of fishing? It’s Nicolas, who’s tending the bar, and keeping us laughing with his homeopathic humour. It’s Anna, who is worrying about the full satisfaction of her guests, watching over every detail of our comfort and gastronomy. It is Eric quietly and efficiently tending to smallest of our concerns. And it’s Ivan, the young expert with a smile, who is not overbearing with his knowledge and experience, but who is ever so happy to share his passion with you..."


feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)feuilbun4.jpg (1853 octets)

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