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"Charm" et "Character"

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ptitmaron.gif (104 octets) Chambres d'hôtes  - Charming bed & breakfast
ptitmaron.gif (104 octets) Gîte rural  - Self-catering
ptitmaron.gif (104 octets) Table d'hôtes - Dinner
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ptitmaron.gif (104 octets) Aire de repos pour chevaux  - Rest area for horse
ptitmaron.gif (104 octets) Location de vélo  - Renting bicycle

feuilbun4.jpg (1853 octets) Chambres d'Hôtes de charme  -  The five charming rooms


On the historic site of the Gemages Mill, original buildings on the farm property
have been completely restored to offer charming and quiet accommodation.

Each room is unique, decorated in the style and tradition of the Perche region.

Rooms have independent entrances and separate bathrooms
(equipped with a hair dryer and shower or bathtub).

Each room has one double bed and a single bed, accommodating three people. 
The room Perla and Dame Blanche can receive two people (one double bed accomodating).

Each individual room has its own charm. 

Come enjoy the calm and charm of this unique place –
and who knows, perhaps discover fly-fishing as well…?

feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)   Chambre d'hôte "Alexandra"    feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)






feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)   Chambre d'hôte "Demoiselle"    feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)





feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)   Chambre d'hôte "Dame Blanche"   feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)





feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)  Chambre d'hôte "Danica"    feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)




chambre DANICA BOUQUET.jpg (17735 octets)      

feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)   Chambre d'hôte "Perla"   feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)






The breakfast


feuilbun4.jpg (1853 octets)  La table d'hôtes - The dinner


Share a special moment round the family table


Regional and convivial diner


More information about the Table d'Hôtes



feuilbun4.jpg (1853 octets) MOULIN A..jpg (18634 octets)      CHAMBRE D HOTE 3.jpg (14224 octets)     CHAMBRE D HOTE 2.jpg (12813 octets)      CHAMBRE D HOTE 1.jpg (11588 octets)   MOULIN C.jpg (15535 octets) feuilbun4.jpg (1853 octets)


feuilbun4.jpg (1853 octets)  Le gîte rural - 3 épis


The living room contains many original features.

The house sleeps 6 people.
The surface area is about 80 m2.

An independent entrance on first floor .




The house of the watermill. This is the oldest part of the original building,
all built with stones. 
Mill building with foundations that date to 800 years ago.




For a  break and relaxation moment.


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feuilbun4.jpg (1853 octets)  Rest area for horse



A rest area for horses with water

Stud farm nearby :


     00 33 (0)2 33 83 22 74


feuilbun4.jpg (1853 octets)  Renting bicycle 

Contact :

FLECHD.GIF (94 octets)Mr Laloi - Tél. 00 33 (0)2 33 83 51 80 or 00 33 (0)2 33 83 02 94 


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Le Moulin in the night





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