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Discover the Perche region


The origins of the mill go back about 800 years and went through several transformations over the centuries. The last of the transformations took place in 1986 when a fire caused by lightning required the reconstruction of the main buildings of the mill…...


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The external surroundings of the site are no longer that of times past, but the spirit of the mill remains : although the mill hasn't been active for 30 years, the mill's water still flows...

Depending upon the season, bird-watchers will see egrets, swans, storks and woodpeckers... kingfishers, mud hens, and becassines des marais, cols verts ( mandarin ducks?) flocks of swallows...,  hawks, and maybe, soon chouettes cheveche (owls)



On the mill's property, you have access to 8 hectares of meadows to explore your dreams,
2.5 hectares of water for fly-fishing.
Several of the property's historic buildings have been transformed into comfortable lodging.
There is also a meeting place (fishing lodge and bar/cafe)
and the owner's main dining room, where you may choose to share an evening meal with your hosts.



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Eglise de Saint Martin à Gémages

As small village of 96 residents, Gémages has an area of 647 hectares, with a large part of this being forestland. Originating in the 9th century, Gémages   was originally among the properties belonging to the Abbey of St. Germain de Pres.

The origin of the church is romanesque with a curious bell-tower added in the 15th century - inside you will find a small maitre-autel of the 17th century.

feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets) The Perche Region: the Environment

The region of the Perche is rich in pastureland, forests, rivers and ponds, peats bog,...

It offers nature lovers the opportunity to enjoy a variety of leisure activities (hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking or cycling...)

feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets) The Perche Region: the Circuit of Manors and Traditions

The circuit takes you around "the land of the manors" where you can admire some of the most beautiful one. The pride of the region, these manors are scattered throughout the countryside in the Perche. The warm colours of red tiled roofs, white or brownstone materials give the region its own special charm and helps it to maintain as sense of its traditions

feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets) The Perche Region: discovering the flavour of the land

When driving or cycling through the Perche's quiet country roads, make a short stop to discover the flavour of the land.

There are so many foods to taste.



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